Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery:

Your order will be dispatched as soon as we receive your order and when the same gets packed by our operations team.

Carrying this, delivery may take 1-3 days and we delivery within Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar only. Orders received from anywhere else apart from Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar will not come under the free shipping criteria, and the buyer will have to pay extra  shipping cost for the same.

Our team may call you before leaving for your place, so please provide proper contact info and alternate phone number in case of non-availability of phone number/receiver.

Please be available during the delivery attempt period. On failure of delivery because of non availability of receiver, we won’t be liable, and no guarantee is being given on delivery in that case. Customer may need to pay extra shipping charges for second attempt of delivery in case of unavailability of receiver in the first attempt.

Ordering from our site takes into consideration and assumption that you have read all the terms and conditions and information written here.

We do not stand legally liable for any mishap during attempt of delivery and in case of non-delivery of order due to any external or internal reason.

Customer is subject to refund in case of events in which we accept the non-delivery is due to our mistake.